Our Story

The true beauty of a good wine is sharing it with friends, isn’t it? Our CKJY Exports founders believe that working to share good quality wines with friends around the world is the true beauty of our business.

The idea behind CKJY Exports began at Fresno State University in the Craig School of Business. A very diverse group of international students and friends worked together to investigate the idea of exporting California and Oregon wines around the world. 

Through their in depth research, they discovered they had found an idea worthy of toasting. Before they graduated, they started to build a company together. Claire, Kooshali, Jihoon and Yan initially began creating their business together.

2017 American Trade Mission to Seoul, South Korea

Two of the original founders, Claire Logsdon and Kooshali Suresh Kumar have been able to continue to press forward building their exporting business with help from Ruth Logsdon and Todd Wetzel.

Our CKJY Exports team network is continually growing. Both our domestic and international relationships are expanding to build trusted reliable supply and distribution channels.

Kooshali Suresh Kumar is based in India. She works to grow our opportunities there. Claire Logsdon has traveled repeatedly to South Korea to work with our trusted importers there. Our team’s ongoing efforts working in Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese and more markets grows all the time. Yes, the reaction we are receiving is genuinely heartwarming and sincere from many overseas importers. Growing our business relationships is also a very personally enriching experience.

CKJY Exports is a responsive company. As we began to get requests for different types of West Coast spirits, we have sought out quality family run producers to add to our product portfolio. Now, we exclusively represent quality family run craft beer, hard cider and distilled spirit producers in addition to our wineries. Geographically, we represent producers from three states – Washington, Oregon and California.

If you are an overseas importer seeking a product, ask us. If we do not currently represent that category, we will research the domestic markets and seek a producer that has the quality and ability to fulfill your request.

Concurrently, we are working to build social media profiles that appeal to our target markets in the countries we are building overseas markets. It is fun sharing our portfolio of West Coast alcohol beverages and spirits in new ways.

While we hope to share a sip of American wine, craft beer, cider or distilled spirits with the world, joining our American producers and overseas distributors in a joint toast is challenging. Our CKJY Exports team is happy to know that wherever or whenever our customers are sipping our products, they will be smiling. Cheers!

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