Meet Vin & Hops

Vin & Hops prepare to celebrate Diwali.

Our CKJY Exports mascots, Vin & Hops, love to learn about wine, craft beer and more. As they learn things, they love to share them in fun videos.

Vin & Hops feel they are “secret agents” sending reports back home across the Pacific to their friends and family sharing what they are learning while they explore the West Coast of America’s spirit offerings for potential export.Join them on their fun spirited journey!

Vin’s Sip-able Wine Knowledge Videos

Sharing what he is learning about wine here on the West Coast is Vin’s favorite thing to do!

A Taste of Craft Beer Knowledge with Hops

Hops loves learning about craft beer and other West Coast spirits.

The Beginning of Vin & Hops West Coast Adventures …

Learn Vin & Hops origin story …

Holiday Celebrations & Fun Times

Celebrating is one of the things our sweet piggies enjoy most! Here we share their fun holiday celebration videos.

For more Vin & Hops Videos, follow our CKJY Exports’ You Tube Channel.

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