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Our Story 
The true beauty of a good wine is sharing it with friends. CKJY Exports founders believe
that working to share good quality wines with friends around the world is the true beauty of our business.

The idea behind CKJY Exports began at Fresno State University in the Craig School of Business.
A very diverse group of international students and friends worked together to investigate the idea of exporting California and Oregon wines around the world. 

Through their in depth research, they discovered they had found an idea worthy of toasting.
Before they graduated, they started to build a company together. Claire, Kooshali, Jihoon and Yan initially
began creating their business together. Two of the original founders, Claire Logsdon and Kooshali Suresh Kumar have been able to continue to press forward with help from Ruth Logsdon.

Our CKJY Exports network is growing in both our domestic and international contacts
to build a trustworthy supply and distribution channel. While we hope to share a sip of American wine
with the world, we need to let the world know to anticipate and to savor it.
We are working to build an information system that appeals to our target markets
in the countries we will begin building markets in for our portfoilio of California and Oregon wineries.

Our CKJY Exports adventure begins, won't you join us?

Uncorking a world of possibilities​
                                  & sharing a sip of American spirits with the world!